Design system from scratch: Formal introduction (1/10)

Aakriti Ahuja
2 min readFeb 29, 2024


Hey guys! Get ready for a series of 10 articles as we dive into the creation of “Design System from Scratch”

Some context

After building a design system for Park+ and managing it for two years, I stepped into another company. No proper design system in sight, and the existing attempt (done by some agency that should not be named) needed serious fixing — no naming, messy layers, you name it. So, I took the unofficial lead to bring order to the chaos. (Like max level fixing!!)

But wait, if I can fix it for others, then I can also create my own design system

The experience got me thinking — why not create my own design system? I might sell it, share it on Figma, or keep it to myself? Regardless, I decided to document the entire process in this series.

And ofc sharing is caring hehe

Will anyone care? Who knows! But if my journey helps a fellow designer navigate through, then it’s worth it. So, join me in this series where design meets drama, and chaos turns into creativity.. hehe. Stay tuned for more in “Design System from Scratch.” 🚀