Design system from scratch: Foundation or maybe not (2/10)

Aakriti Ahuja
1 min readMar 3, 2024


Hello, fellows! My design system journey continues, and guess what? This one’s a bit of a rebel — it’s not about breaking rules, it’s about crafting a canvas purely for personal use, embracing uniqueness along the way. Unlike standard design setups, this system is a playground for personal expression.

But, as I start with it, I’m setting the foundation by defining basic values kyuki wo to rakhne hi padhte hai kyuki Parampara-Pratishtha-Anushasan

What I have in mind (in terms of core values):

  1. It should be flexible/scalable.
  2. It will be used for semi-formal products.
  3. It will not be used for games. Not that playful.
  4. Adaptable.
  5. Dynamic.
  6. Accessible, ofc.

I think I might mould a few values later on. Who knows? Hehe.

This design system is all about embracing personal preferences, allowing creativity to flow freely without the constraints of universal standards.

Ready to embark on this uniquely personal design process? Then, let’s go✨